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  • In the summer of 2009, I had the privilege of working along side Maria Strong under the W.I.T.S. Education Internship Program. I had entertained several venues when selecting an internship that was right for me and after my initial meeting with Maria, I knew she would be a perfect fit. Her many years of experience along with her warm outgoing personality made me feel very confident that I would be gaining experience from a true professional in the field.

    After seeing Maria work with her clients, I knew I had made the right choice. Whether training in her home gym or traveling to a client's home, Maria never fell short of challenging her clients with innovative exercises and combinations. Her focus on proper exercise technique and form always ensured that her client's were getting the most out of each exercise while limiting the possibility of injury. The effectiveness of her workouts were illustrated by the changes witnessed in her clients over the few short weeks I worked with her.

    In addition to being a wonderful instructor, Maria also took the time to listen and get to know each of her clients individually. She was flexible with each of their schedules and sensitive to what each had going on in their lives.

    From an intern's perspective, I found working with Maria very rewarding. Not only did she reinforce the knowledge I already had about exercise in general, but she also opened my mind up to endless training possibilities. She was informative and always willing to answer my questions. My time working with Maria solidified my decision to pursue a career in personal training and I am very grateful to have had the privilege to work along side such an inspiring professional.
          Jill Gnerre, Personal Trainer

  • Itís great to workout in a private environment without feeling the awkwardness of a gym setting.

  • I've certainly reached my goals. My triglycerides are down as well as my cholesterol. My stress test was a success from barely making minutes to sustaining 10 minutesÖa significant improvement!

  • Maria is a great inspiration and goal achiever. It is almost 2 years and I am still going strong - looking and feeling great thanks to her.

  • I have worked out with Maria for 3 years. The results have been amazing. I feel better, stronger and more energetic. I look forward to each session with her. Maria is a patient and caring instructor.

  • Maria is a true inspiration, physically as well as mentally. Training with her these past 5 years has made me feel comfortable in my own skin. Before, I never would even wear short sleeves - now, I live in sleeveless, belly shirts!

  • Training with Maria has been great fun. I feel fabulous. I stop traffic now!

  • In just 5 visits, I lost 5lbs. I feel good and am learning proper form, lifting weights. Itís absolutely personalized attention.

  • Maria provides personalized service - one - on - one attention - a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. She is genuinely concerned about her clients. Already lost 14 lbs

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